In-Clinic Diagnostics

Blood work values are one of the most critical factors in determining the cause of sickness in pets, as well as indicating their overall health. For this reason, Simply Southern Animal Hospital has one of the most advanced diagnostic laboratories available, and we are proud to provide superior veterinary blood work testing to our patients in the Central and Greenwell Springs area.

What types of diagnositic testing are performed at Simply Southern Animal Hospital?

Blood chemistries, complete blood counts (CBC), electrolytes, thyroid testing, fecal analysis, and urinalysis are all tests that can be conducted in our diagnostic laboratory. The results of these tests can often tell our doctor if your pet may have an issue that cannot be found upon physical examination alone.

For more advanced diagnostic testing, such as biopsies, culture and sensitivities, allergy panels, etc, Dr. Hayes uses an outside reference lab with board certified personnel.

At Simply Southern Animal Hospital, we understand that you have a choice as to who provides healthcare to your pet. Our diagnostic capabilities, as well as experience and compassion, make our hospital an excellent choice as caregiver throughout the life of your pet.