Heartworm Testing

Has your dog been tested for heartworm disease?

Heartworms are parasites that are transmitted to both dogs and cats through the bite of an infected mosquito. They have been diagnosed in every state in the United States, and are especially prevalent in southern Louisiana, where the warm, moist climate is conducive for mosquitos.

Heartworm prevention is stressed by our veterinarian for both dogs as well as cats. Without prevention or treatment, heartworm disease can be fatal to our pets. The prevention of heartworms is always safer and less expensive than treatment after infection. Our hospital carries only the safest and most effective heartworm preventatives available. We have products that include an injectable preventative, an oral tablet, as well as a topical solution to be applied to the skin of your pet. Dr. Hayes will work with you to determine which product will be best for your pet and the lifestyle you lead.

What if you have recently adopted a pet, or have forgotten to provide heartworm prevention to your dog?

Simply Southern Animal Hospital applies the standards set forth by the American Heartworm Society, and test all of our patients yearly. We can check your pet with a blood test, and have the results to you before the end of your visit. If your canine companion is heartworm negative, our veterinarian will recommend a preventative that they should begin taking right away. In the event your dog is heartworm positive, treatment is available, and an appointment can be set to start as soon as possible.

Schedule an appointment to learn more about heartworm prevention, and have a heartworm test performed on your pet. Call one of our caring professionals, and become a part of the Simply Southern Animal Hospital pet family today!