Hospice & Euthanasia

Regardless of how well we care for our pets, their journey in life is limited. When your pet is nearing their final days, let the compassionate doctor and staff at Simply Southern Animal Hospital be there for them. Hospice care is available for pets with remaining quality of life to ensure they are receiving the proper medications and pain preventatives they need at this time. Your pet will be cared for and supervised by our caring veterinarian during this time as well. When your pet can no longer carry on or begins to suffer, Dr. Hayes has medications that will make the passing of your pet peaceful and pain-free.

Dr. Chris Hayes and his compassionate staff want to be there to assist you and your pet companion at this most difficult time. If you think that your pet might require our hospice or euthanasia services, please call and schedule an appointment regardless of the age or current condition of your pet.