Dental Care

Dogs and cats need dental care just like people! Imagine never brushing your teeth. How would your teeth look? How would your mouth feel? Without regular brushing and cleaning, our pets may face many of the same issues as humans including bad breath, plaque buildup, gingivitis, loose teeth, and potential heart, liver, and kidney damage due to the bacteria in the mouth. Fortunately, Dr. Hayes at Simply Southern Animal Hospital has cared for the veterinary dental needs of countless pets in the Greenwell Springs and Central areas, and he is ready to care for your constant companion as well.

What causes dental disease in pets?

Without regular brushing and cleaning, studies indicate the majority of pets will have some form of periodontal disease by three years of age. Oral disease begins when bacteria known as plaque begins to harden and form tartar on the teeth. The tartar will adhere to the teeth both above and below the gumline, causing damage to the teeth, gums, periodontal ligament, bone, and potentially the heart, liver, and kidneys.

How can I tell if my pet may be suffering from dental disease?

Unfortunately, pets don’t always exhibit clear signs when they have problems with their teeth. The following findings may be an indicator your pet is in need of dental care:

  • • Bad breath
  • • Bloody drool
  • • Discolored teeth
  • • Sensitivity to touch on their muzzle area
  • • Loss of appetite or weight loss

These are the most common signs a pet may be suffering from periodontal disease, but it is always best to have your pet’s teeth examined by a veterinarian.

Fortunately, the experienced professionals at Simply Southern Animal Hospital can care for your pet’s teeth, regardless of their age or current condition of their teeth. You will also be instructed on how to properly care for their teeth at home, between veterinary visits. Good oral hygiene is one of the cornerstones of a healthy pet; please call one of our team members and schedule your pet's dental health assessment today!