Digital Radiography

Simply Southern Animal Hospital continually strives to offer our patients the latest in veterinary technology, and our digital radiography (x-ray) system is no exception! Our digital system has multiple advantages over older systems which require chemicals and time to develop images. When Dr. Hayes takes an x-ray of a pet, the image is available in seconds, saving valuable treatment time if necessary. Also, our system is environmentally friendly, as it does not require chemicals to process the radiographs.

X-ray images are one of the most important diagnostic tools available for our veterinarian. When we see a sick patient, x-rays are often recommended so our doctor can look inside the pet without surgery. There are many disease states, illnesses, and issues that can be safely and accurately diagnosed including:

  • • Bone fractures
  • • Locate obstructions or foreign body in the stomach
  • • Tumor identification
  • • Diagnose pneumonia
  • • Identify infection
  • • Organ evaluation, including the heart, kidneys, and lungs
  • • Locate bladder stones
  • • Diagnose hip dysplasia

This list is a sampling of the diagnostic capabilities of our digital x-ray unit. If you feel your pet may have an issue not listed here, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Hayes.

The experience of our veterinarians and our state-of-the-art equipment make Simply Southern Animal Hospital the best choice for the life of your pet in the Central and Greenwell Springs areas. Call one of our caring team members and schedule your pet’s appointment today!